Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Positive Refund and Cancellation Policy Changes

Our business has grown and in this process we’ve been taking on board a range of feedback from our customers, just like you. You have spoken and we have listened and made a few tweaks to our Refund and Cancellation policy to benefit your needs.

These changes are currently in effect. From this date, when you use our software via API, website integration or directly on Temando.com, and check the ‘agree to terms and conditions’ box you agree to these new terms.

The important gist of the changes - 

When we will offer a refund:
If you change your mind
If you make a mistake
If you want to make changes to your booking

When we will not offer a refund:
If the item has been collected
If the courier has attempted to collect the items

Refunds will first be offered in Temando credit, for convenience, and you can continue to use your Temando Profile. Should you wish to have your refund made by original payment method – just let us know, we will be happy to do so.

We have outlined the main changes above but to view the whole policy click here. If you’re up for some reading you can also view our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

We hope these changes have a positive impact on how you interact with Temando.

If you have any feedback please do not hesitate to contact us, it all helps to make our software better for you, the user!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Temando are looking out for the Planet

Written by Christopher Sewell.

Temando have measured and supplied carbon offsets covering a total distance of over 3.7 million kilometres for their Clients.

That’s the equivalent of circumnavigating the planet over 92 times! That’s a long, long way and also a lot of carbon that would otherwise not have been neutralised!

Why the rise in consumer carbon offsetting.
Over the last few months Temando have seen a 20% rise in consumers taking environmental matters into their own hands by offsetting carbon emissions from their on-line shipping (*source: Temando offset statistics August –October 2013). Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their responsibilities as global citizens and are clearly responding favorably to businesses who are prepared to offset their orders at the checkout.   

How it works
Effectively, by including the offsetting option, customers can choose to negate the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere from the process of shipping their order. At the checkout, customers will see an option to offset the shipment. By selecting this box, the amount of carbon is automatically calculated and the offset fee is added to their shipping cost – usually well under a $1.00.  The unique CO2counter technology allows the offset certificate to be automatically generated as a PDF and emailed to the customer if required.  The fee is used to invest in projects that prevent or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Temando, in co-operation with The Gaia Partnership, have arrangements in place with Climate Friendly so you can now purchase offsets in the Tasmanian Native Forest Protection Project. For details of the offsets please read more here

Temando believe these Australian offsets will add further value to your business when you or your customer’s policy is to offset emissions from the transport of goods.

About Christopher Sewell

Christopher Sewell the CEO of The Gaia Partnership who is building an on-line application ‘CO2counter’ to measure carbon emissions in all forms of marketing communications on both the supply and demand side. More information is available on www.gaiapartnership.com

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 things you can do with a cardboard box

If you get a lot of freight you will no doubt have a lot of cardboard boxes around. To ensure that you don’t just throw them out, here are 10 things you can do with the cardboard box, rather than simply dumping them. 

Number one. Recycle. Yes, now days we are all clued up to how great recycling is but that still doesn't mean that everyone is doing it. Too often boxes are thrown in the rubbish when they could be recycled. If you don’t want the box anymore then at least make sure that you recycle it rather than throwing it out.

Number two.  Let the kids have some fun with it! Yes, there is nothing children like more than a cardboard box. The bigger the better. If you have ever seen what kids will do with a big box, like one a fridge comes in, you will realise that these are better than almost any toy to a child of a certain age. If you don’t have kids then give it to the neighbours kids. 

Number three. Boxes are great for using to put gifts in. Often the gift may be fragile or shaped funny. If you put it in a box then it becomes easy to wrap and send. Don’t get rid of a box that you may need later, hold onto it. 

Number four. Use it for storage. They work great for storing holiday items, which most of us have in abundance, and we never seem to have enough containers to hold everything. You can use empty boxes for storage, no matter what size the boxes are.

Number five. If you need to do work on your car or it is dripping oil or water (in which case you definitely do need to do work) then you can unfold the box and use it under your car. 

Number six.  You can use it as a storage receptacle around your home. We all have spaces in our homes that are full of stuff, often garages, sheds and spare rooms. Use the boxes to restore some order in your storage space. 

Number seven. Make some fun for your pet.  Cats love boxes and you can make a fun house for him or her, all you need to do is cut a few holes in it, put some old carpet down on the inside and add some other playful things on the outside of the box for them to play with. They will have so much fun, and it's a whole lot cheaper than buying one from the store!

Number eight. If you shop at places that charge for bags or make you bring your own you can use the box instead. Boxes are great for these stores so have them in the back of your car. 

Number nine. Boxes are great for putting all of your sporting gear in, especially when you need to move it around. Have all the gear in one box in your garage and you can just grab it and go. 

Number ten. Handy and essential for when you are packing up house and moving.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What you need to know about Temando

Temando is the most comprehensive delivery management platform in the world. We have worked hard to develop the most sophisticated state of the art platform that delivers results. Temando is a flexible and focused delivery platform that is all about collaboration to create effective and efficient delivery models. With a huge range of delivery partners you will find the perfect delivery solution every time. Temando works with companies that share the same passion for logistical solutions.

Quite simply, there is nothing else in the market like the Temando platform. In its simplest form, the Temando system allows you to compare quotes and delivery options from over 400 available carriers. The system allows users to automatically book their shipment online, print the consignment label and track & trace. It saves time and ensures that you get the best rate and the best service. 

While Temando is often compared to the likes of Webjet and iSelect, which provide services where users can search all options in one place, the Temando delivery management platform provides far more features and functions. The ‘freight aggregation’ platform that Temando has developed draws quotes instantly from carriers, allowing you to choose the courier that suits your requirements and budget. 

You do not need to go anywhere else with Temando, it is all done within their system, ensuring you speed and options. Not only can you find the right delivery solution via the Temando website, customers can also track, produce shipping documentation, insure goods-in-transit and participate in carbon offset programs. No other service is able to provide the same comprehensive end to end service that Temando does, no other service can ensure that throughout the process you have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Temando provides an online interface that integrates with a website’s back-end system for high volume shipping. While their competitors are generally interfaced with limited carriers, Temando aggregate over 400 providers, ensuring that customers get the right delivery solution every time. They provide API technology and true aggregation meaning there is no dependency on the carrier’s IT system being available to source a quote and full audit functionality. With Temando you are taken care of internally. 

The Temando System is also able to integrate with shopping carts, content management systems (CMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), accounting systems and enterprise resource planning software (ERP), providing businesses with a total shipping solution.  The scalable platform aims to reduce costs and create demand, by breaking down the barriers to trade.

Temando is not a broker. They aggregate all carrier companies and their pricing into system, providing visibility on all options. This is unlike their competitors, who leverage relationships with carrier companies to squeeze price for cost savings. Temando provides customer services throughout the transaction including quotes, shipping labels, parcel/shipment tracking, automatic carrier scheduling. Temando are independent, they look out for their customers first and foremost so that when you use them you know that you are getting the best outcome. 

When you need the best delivery solution you need Temando.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's Getting Festive

More shoppers are buying online than ever before, this means an influx of parcels being sent across the country during the Festive Season. To stay on top of your trading we have put together a list of top tips, Temando facts and courier deadlines to help you.

1. Patience and Planning - The Festive Season is a busy time for everyone! In the lead up get pen to paper and plan out your strategy and deadlines.

2. Communicate – With the planning part done it is important to communicate these deadlines with your customer. Does your website say free overnight delivery? A last minute rush on the 23rd may see customers jumping on this for the freight to be caught up in rush of parcels – resulting in delayed delivery. To avoid upset and disgruntled customers ensure you clearly communicate your deadlines for purchases.

3. Satchels ready to go – Do you send most of your stock in satchels? Stock up before the Festive Season to get you through December. Order satchels by contacting Temando Support or clicking here.

4. Be aware of carrier cut off’s – we have put together a general outline for last days to send out freight and have it delivered in time for Christmas. Please note this is a general outline and no timings are guaranteed.
To find out the freight deadlines click on the city below that you are sending from:

5. Encourage Early Transactions - If it's your first time retailing over the Festive period get ready! It's a rush. Some of our old hand retailers have implemented campaigns in the lead up to encourage shoppers to purchase before certain dates to ensure their parcels arrive on time and to avoid disappointment.

6. Temando Trading Hours

Leading up to Christmas Temando Customer support will be operating from 8am – 6pm AEDT Monday to Friday

Customer Support will be closed on the following days –

Christmas Day (Wednesday 25 December)          
Boxing Day (Thursday 26 December)                      
Friday 27 December                                                       
New Years Day (Wednesday 1 January)

Skeleton staff are available from the 30th of December until 6th of January with normal hours of operations resuming Monday 13th of January.

It is important to note that any freight not delivered by 6pm on the 24th isn’t going to make it, despite the best efforts of Temando's Support Team. Due to increased volumes over the Festive period delays will be experienced and we appreciate the patience of our customers. 

With some careful planning end of year trading can be your most successful time of the year.

Monday, October 28, 2013

5 steps to properly pack a parcel

At Temando we are all about helping you get your goods from A to B. Our state of the art delivery management platform lets you pick between a staggering 400 plus carriers, meaning that you will be able to get the right delivery solution. Not only can you find the best carrier for the job but with our platform you can follow your package, print off the labels and do everything you need to do all within our portal. It truly is the next generation of delivery management.
We care about your shipping. We are in the business of helping you move your goods. Temando are the kings of connection, bringing customers and carriers together. We have a cutting edge system that lets you organise and manage your shipping. With our delivery management platform you can choose between 400 plus carriers and you can manage almost every aspect of the process from inside our platform. We have streamlined the entire process.
We are so focused on ensuring that our customers get the best possible result that we go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything is perfect. Take packing your parcel. While we never physically handle any goods we still want to make sure that your package arrives in good condition, we also want to make sure that you pay the right price. That is why we have composed this parcel packing guide, so that you do it right. Here goes:
You will need a few basic supplies:
1. A sharp knife.
2. A roll of tape, something like packing or masking tape, it needs to be tough and durable.
3. Stiff cardboard. Use a cardboard box and take it apart.
4. Bubble wrap

Packing the parcel
1. Make sure that whatever you are packing has been taped up and locked in place. It is important that anything that sticks out has is wrapped up or tucked in.   
2. Then bubble wrap it up, use as much as you can. Bubble wrap is your friend and will ensure package arrives intact.
3. Now you are ready to start the packing itself. By undoing a cardboard box and laying it out flat you can now start the process of shaping the cardboard by scoring & bending to fit well around the parcel. Now you need to secure the parcel with the tape. It’s a good idea to use some extra cardboard to form two end pieces or caps to act as energy absorbers when the carrier handles the parcel roughly, which they always do.
4. Use industrial strapping to both secure the parcel as well as give the carrier something to hold the parcel by. Strong string or twine firmly tied up will do this job just as well.
5. Finally make sure that you place the shipping label in a prominent place – we suggest using plastic sleeves or label windows and inserting the label. This will save the shipping label from potentiall falling off or damage from weather.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Things to understand before you post reviews to True Local

When your business is focused on helping your customers get the best delivery solutions, you want to deliver. We take any and all criticism seriously as we want to provide the best possible outcome for all of our customers. However, most of the criticisms directed at us are based on a misunderstanding of what Temando is and does. We are not a courier company, we are not a freight company, we help facilitate between customers and courier companies, we help connect customers and freight companies. 

At Temando, we provide a peerless delivery management platform that offers our customers access to over 400 of delivery providers and allows users to automatically book their shipment online, print the consignment label and track & trace. Put simply, we are the future of shipping. We are not a courier or freight company. We do not own vans or planes, ships or trucks. Our business is helping you, our customer, to find the best delivery solution for your needs. Once you have chosen a delivery provider then the actual delivery itself is the obligation of that provider and not Temando. While we will do everything we can to ensure that your delivery is completed on time and in budget, the reality is that it is the courier or freight company who are responsible for the actual shipping of the item. 

Obviously we are always concerned if our customers are disappointed with a late delivery or failed pickup but before you post a review to True Local it is important to remember that while we are there to help you to find a good courier or freight company, we do not actually pick up or deliver the goods. That is the job of the courier or freight company. 

Temando is fully integrated with carriers. Once you book a job on the Temando dashboard the consignments are automatically booked through an API call into the carriers system for pickup on the selected date. The interaction between our system and the carriers is flawless, a failed pickup or delayed delivery is not due to the Temando system but because of the carrier. 

While we do everything we can to ensure that our customers get the best possible outcome, the actuall shipping of goods is out of our hands. We work hard to make sure that we only aggregate reliable carriers but in the end, it is up to them and not us to come through with a reliable and prompt service.

One particular problem that some customers have is being charged extra fees for packages that are oversize. The reality is that any fees applied for oversized shipments are passed on straight from the carrier themselves. As Temando do not physically handle the package we can only go on what information is provided by the carrier. These fees are based on the measurements from the parcel scanner when the parcel is in transit. 

At Temando we take any criticism seriously but it is important for customers to remember that we act as a go between the carrier and the customer, we do not ship the goods themselves, nor do we ever physically handle them.